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Conference Dial-in Numbers

Argentina, Buenos Aires
+54 (11) 52564149Spanish (Mexico), English (United States), Portuguese (Brazil)
Australia, Sydney
+61 (2) 83180042English (Australia)
Austria, Vienna
+43 (1) 205636644German (Germany), English (United Kingdom), French (France), Italian (Italy)
Bahrain, Manama
+973 16197330Arabic (Saudi Arabia), English (United States)
Belgium, Bruxelles/Brussels
+32 (2) 8954270Dutch (Netherlands), French (France), German (Germany), English (United Kingdom)
Brazil, São Paulo
+55 (11) 31815394Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Mexico), English (United States)
Bulgaria, Sofia
+359 (2) 4915344Bulgarian (Bulgaria), English (United Kingdom), Russian (Russia), Italian (Italy), Spanish (Spain)
Canada, Toronto
+1 (647) 749-9426English (United States), French (Canada)
China, All locations
+86 (40) 08428265Chinese (Simplified, PRC), English (United States)
Colombia, Bogotá
+57 (1) 3299772Spanish (Mexico), English (United States), Portuguese (Brazil)
Costa Rica, All locations
+506 (4) 0019562Spanish (Spain), English (United States)
Croatia, Zagreb
+385 (1) 3445035Croatian (Croatia), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany), Italian (Italy)
Cyprus, Nicosia
+357 (22) 000668Greek (Greece), English (United Kingdom), Turkish (Turkey)
Czech Republic, Prague
+420 (2) 96188846Czech (Czech Republic), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany), Russian (Russia)
Denmark, København
+45 (32) 724754Danish (Denmark), English (United Kingdom)
Dominican Republic, Santiago
+1 (849) 945-2816Spanish (Mexico), English (United States)
El Salvador, San Salvador
+503 (21) 367668Spanish (Mexico), English (United States)
Estonia, Tallinn
+372 (6) 743142Estonian (Estonia), Russian (Russia), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany)
Finland, Helsinki
+358 (9) 85626431Finnish (Finland), English (United Kingdom)
France, Paris
+33 (173) 240528French (France), English (United Kingdom)
Georgia, Tbilisi
+995 (706) 777631Georgian (Georgia), English (United States), Russian (Russia)
Germany, Frankfurt am Main
+49 (69) 710414565German (Germany), English (United Kingdom)
Greece, Athens
+30 (21) 11986311Greek (Greece), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany), French (France), Italian (Italy)
Hong Kong SAR, Hong Kong
+852 30081433Chinese (Traditional, Hong Kong S.A.R.), Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan), English (United States)
Hungary, Budapest
+36 (1) 9999727Hungarian (Hungary), English (United Kingdom)
India, Mumbai
+91 (22) 60014408Hindi (India), English (United Kingdom)
Ireland, Dublin
+353 (1) 5661031English (United Kingdom), French (France), German (Germany)
Israel, Tel Aviv
+972 (3) 3761912Hebrew (Israel), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), English (United States), Russian (Russia)
Italy, Milano
+39 (0) 200699553Italian (Italy), English (United Kingdom)
Japan, Tokyo
+81 (3) 45107245Japanese (Japan), English (United States)
Korea, Seoul
+82 (70) 74883918Korean (Korea), English (United States)
Latvia, Aluksne
+371 (64) 331032Latvian (Latvia), English (United Kingdom), Russian (Russia)
Lithuania, Vilnius
+370 (520) 43812Lithuanian (Lithuania), English (United Kingdom), Russian (Russia), German (Germany)
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
+352 (27) 870031French (France), German (Germany), English (United Kingdom)
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
+60 (39) 2125043Malay (Malaysia), English (United Kingdom)
Malta, Valletta
+356 (27) 761485English (United Kingdom), Italian (Italy), French (France)
Mexico, Mexico City
+52 (55) 41642283Spanish (Mexico), English (United States)
Netherlands, Amsterdam
+31 (20) 7086353Dutch (Netherlands), English (United Kingdom)
New Zealand, Wellington
+64 (4) 2806086English (Australia)
Norway, Oslo
+47 (2) 1402194Norwegian Bokmål (Norway), English (United Kingdom)
Pakistan, Karachi
+92 (21) 38787036English (United States)
Panama, Panama City
+507 (832) 6758English (United States)
Peru, Lima
+51 (1) 7094109Spanish (Mexico), English (United States), Portuguese (Brazil)
Philippines, Manila
+63 (2) 2313230Filipino (Philippines), English (United States)
Poland, Warsaw
+48 (22) 2953933Polish (Poland), English (United Kingdom), Russian (Russia), German (Germany)
Portugal, Lisbon
+351 (21) 1216541Portuguese (Portugal), English (United Kingdom), French (France), Spanish (Spain)
Puerto Rico, San Juan
+1 (787) 520-5950English (United States)
Romania, All locations
+40 (21) 5292082Romanian (Romania), English (United Kingdom), French (France), Italian (Italy), German (Germany)
Russia, Moscow
+7 (495) 1189627Russian (Russia), English (United Kingdom)
Singapore, Singapore
+65 (3) 1570092English (United States), Chinese (Simplified, PRC)
Slovakia, Bratislava
+421 (2) 33325869Slovak (Slovakia), English (United Kingdom)
Slovenia, Ljubljana
+386 (1) 8280637Slovenian (Slovenia), English (United Kingdom), German (Germany)
South Africa, Cape Town
+27 (21) 8214991English (United Kingdom)
Spain, Madrid
+34 (91) 7938488Spanish (Spain), English (United Kingdom)
Sri Lanka, All locations
+94 (72) 0910146English (United States)
Sweden, Stockholm
+46 (8) 50534549Swedish (Sweden), English (United Kingdom)
Switzerland, Zurich/Zürich/Zurigo
+41 (43) 4307629German (Germany), French (France), Italian (Italy), English (United Kingdom)
Taiwan, Taipei
+886 (2) 55924104Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan), English (United States)
Thailand, Bangkok
+66 (2) 1040680Thai (Thailand), English (United States)
Turkey, Istanbul
+90 (21) 29001273Turkish (Turkey), English (United Kingdom)
Ukraine, All locations
+380 (89) 3240038Ukrainian (Ukraine), Russian (Russia), English (United States)
United Kingdom, London
+44 (20) 37874237English (United Kingdom)
United States, Chicago
+1 (872) 704-2343English (United States), Spanish (Mexico)
United States, Dallas
+1 (469) 612-3948English (United States), Spanish (Mexico)
United States, Denver
+1 (720) 399-7618English (United States), Spanish (Mexico)
United States, Los Angeles
+1 (323) 795-4313English (United States), Spanish (Mexico)
United States, New York City
+1 (917) 809-8575English (United States), Spanish (Mexico)
In-Meeting Menu Options
Use these keys during a meeting you joined via dial-in conferencing to do the following.
*1 Play a description of menu options that are available during a meeting
*6 Mute or unmute your microphone